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How AI prevents burnout in healthcare

While the current literature is vague when it comes to explain burnout, the World Health Organization (WHO) defines it as “a syndrome conceptualized as a result of chronic stress at work, which has not been successfully managed.”

Burnout can manifest itself in several ways, such as feeling overwhelmed, cynicism, physical or emotional exhaustion, and inefficiency.

This phenomenon can lead to many health problems for radiologists, including sleep deprivation, substance abuse, depression and cardiovascular problems, among others. At the same time, there is a decrease in productivity, which can lead to medical errors.

For this problem to go away, we need to focus on improving collaboration in the workplace, assessing the risk factors that can cause burnout, and accepting the limitations of a radiologist’s abilities.

XVision was designed to assist radiologists in their mission. Our suite of X-ray imaging and CT scans is seamlessly integrated into your doctor’s and hospital’s workflow. It is an additional brain that allows you to increase the ability to analyze and reduce the amount of work.

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