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Our 2020 in a nutshell

Intro note: A few weeks ago, our friends from How To Web had their Grand Finale for  Start-up Spotlight event. We’ve heard a phrase that will remain in our mind for a while and I think that fits perfectly with our wrap-up article, “Here we grow!”

So here we grow! 2020 was a hell of a ride for us, but totally worth it. We had ups and downs, good and bad moments, but all in all, we had an amazing year with accelerated growth and plenty of reasons to be thankful for.

We brought next to us top-notch people and we grew our team from 8 to 13 rockstars, we developed new prototypes for CT scans and a COVID19 solution response, raised a seed round of investment, deployed XVision in 25 Romanian public hospitals & in a chain of private clinics and we are in the process of obtaining the CE mark. Moreover, we did our first international implementation in Hungary. What a year, isn’t it?

We summed up in a few pics how this year looked for us. Many thanks to you all for being next to us on this amazing journey! 2021, we are ready for you.

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