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The private chain of clinics, Medici`s Timisoara, has partnered with the MedTech start-up XVision

The local chain of private clinics, Medici’s Timișoara, partnered with XVision for integrating artificial intelligence algorithms in the image analysis process, this way bringing the latest technologies closer to their patients.

Medici’s chain is an important player in the Romanian private healthcare market, offering services for approx. 400 companies and approx. 50,000 patients. Their goal is to position medicine in the human area of performance, providing services at the highest standards. Over the years, their clinics have stood out through their care for patients, for the professionalism of their medical staff, and for equipping their centers with the latest technologies. Thus, the collaboration with the MedTech start-up XVision comes as a natural extension to the benefits already offered within the Clinics.

As a result of this partnership, XVision will be integrated into the analysis process of chest radiographs performed within Medici’s. XVision is an automated X-Ray analysis application that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to provide a preliminary analysis of medical images (x-rays). Coming as a digital assistant, XVision supports the radiologists in their works and helps them to prioritize their cases and fare better at their everyday work.

Screenshot illustrating how the XVison platform works

Using the platform developed by XVision within the image analysis process is very useful. I believe that the AI algorithms they have developed are a real help in the pulmonary radiological interpretation.” Dr. Agnes Katona, specialist in radiology and medical imaging at Medici’s.

“The partnership between Medici’s and XVision is an important step forward for us in collaborating with the private sector. We are pleased to have next to us partners like Medici’s Clinics that support the performance and are open to integrating new technologies. ”, Ștefan Iarca, co-founder of XVision.

Artificial Intelligence helps radiologists and clinicians to be more accurate and efficient. Medicine and technology are two complementary fields at the intersection of which there are innovative solutions that can help both patients and doctors. Xvision aims to be a link between these areas, wanting to help the medical system benefit from the technological advantages offered by AI.

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